Industry Work Placement

Metrodome Group Ltd
Metrodome Distribution & Hollywood Classics
Metrodome Group Ltd is a London-based company that owns, manages and distributes film, TV and digital content. The Company operates through two divisions: Metrodome Distribution (features films and home entertainment in the UK) and Hollywood Classics. The Company’s library of rights includes over 300 feature films.

I worked for six weeks as an office runner/researcher within Metrodome Group Ltd. My everyday tasks included:
• Opening and closing of the office
• Answering and transferring phone calls
• Setting up meetings
• Franking mail
• Setting up courier deliveries
• General administrative tasks

On top of these everyday office duties I was part of the companies work and given tasks such as:
• Greeting clients and talent, looking after their hospitality
• Delivering features to screening rooms and press around the West End
• Research features looking to release or gain rights to
• Research target audience and release strategy
• Burn DVDs to be distributed
• Quality check features
• Analyse weekly news and reviews, compose newsletter
• Deal with special deliveries for merchandise of the films to comp winners & events
• Chase cinema and press for advertising and marketing of our features

The company releases a lot of features straight to DVD in the horror genre but also do very unique and art-house features to cinema. While I was working their Summer in February, Upstream Colour, Prince Avalanche, Big Bad Wolves and Golden Globe nominated Frances Ha were just some of the features that were being covered by the company.
I also worked with Hollywood Classics but this was more administrative tasks rather than being involved with the features they had on their books.

Features which I quality checked were I Will Follow You Into The Dark, The Last Will And Testament Rosalind Leigh and Dragon


I will folloe you into the darklast willdragon





Some of the features I researched which was then passed on to be analysed if suitable for acquire or when a strategic release date would be put in place.

Assault on Wall Street


Jim is an average New Yorker living a peaceful life with a well paying job and a loving family. Suddenly, everything changes when the economy crashes causing Jim to lose everything. Filled with anger and rage, Jim snaps and goes to extreme lengths to seek revenge for the life taken from him. Written by Phase 4 Films



A security guard for an armored truck, Jim (Dominic Purcell) is a blue-collar New Yorker who works hard to earn a living. His wages support himself and his wife Rosie (Erin Karpluk), who is on the upswing recovering from a near-fatal illness. Yet things start to fall apart after Rosie’s health insurance stops covering her treatment and Jim’s life savings are lost via a disastrous investment his stockbroker had advised him to make. As a row of professional and personal dominoes falls, Jim is confronted by the realization that, after being abused and exploited by financial institutions for far too long, he has only one choice: to strike back.

official version from

assault 1




Day of the Flowers


Two young, strong-willed Scottish sisters, one a left-wing activist, the other a most-popular-girl-in-school type, take their late father’s ashes to Cuba, the site of many family legends of his services to the REvolution. Arriving in Havana, the two women promptly lose the ashes and go through a series of misadventrues – both romantic and dangerous – to try to retrieve them. A colourful and wryly humourous tale of cross-cultural misunderstandings and lost illusions.


day of 3



Big Bad Wolves


A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings – a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder. – IMDB

The vengeful father of a young murder victim, a rogue police detective, and a religious teacher who’s become the prime suspect in a brutal series of killings are drawn into a conflict that threatens to turn tragic as authorities race to capture an elusive killer. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi – ROTTEN TOMATOES

A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge… – YOUTUBE official trailer


big bad